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Possible Futures

Life beyond growth

Turning against "stuff"

The looming food crisis

The scary new rich

The future world of work

Leadership trends

Aussie leadership qualities

World Future Society forecasts

20 predictions for the next 25 years

5 Forecasts and 7 predictions For 2010-2020

Facts about the world

Summary of global challenges and risks

15 Global challenges - short videos

21 changes that could shape the 21st century

Australian social trends

Business organisations of the 21st century

Jared Diamond on why societies collapse

A new story for business in the 21st century - "Nanocorps are Good"

Global population forecasts

Future Scenarios for the Global Financial System

Future Scenarios for Engineering and Construction

UK's Foresight Program

Innovation and Change

The Appreciative Inquiry commons

An evolutionary approach to innovation

Community building in NSW

Examples of innovative ways to run schools

Riveting talks by remarkable people

Monitor of innovations happening around the world

Climate Change

Social network for climate action

Research on ways to tackle climate change

Global Environmental Management Initiative

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