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History of debt and its effects
Social conditions for living an open life
Building a Real Education Revolution
Futures Studies and Sustainability
Reinventing Democracy
My Journey as a Futurist
Australia in 2025: Three Scenarios for Workforce Development
Finding Opportunities for Growth
Australia 2025: A Happy Scenario
Making Decisions on Weak Signals: Several case studies.
“This article appeared in the June 2006 edition of Australia's leading magazine for managers, Management Today (published for the Australian Institute of Management by Text Pacific Publishing).”
Creating a "Volunteer" Organisational Culture
Seeing the Future in Weak Signals
Using Futures Studies to Design Tomorrow's Products: A Case Study
Strategic Opportunism: A New Approach to Planning
Introduction to Futures Studies
The future of HR
Creating a Volunteer Culture: Lessons from the Olympics
Life After Human Resources
Clever Work, Clever Country: An Australian Scenario
Managing Change
Managing the Organisation as a Community of Contributors
The Knowledge Economy and the End of the HR Department
What Should we Hold Leaders Accountable for?

Below are POWERPOINT slide shows that have been presented to various public conferences.
Use the Link below to access the index page for the respective PowerPoint presentation

Work and a Life
Leading at the Edge of Chaos
HR in the Knowledge Economy
The Future of the Global Workplace (4.1Mb)

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