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Peter Saul - Strategic Consulting Group Director


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  • Futures Studies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Corporate Culture and Values
  • Performance Management
  • Learning and Knowledge Management
  • Complexity Theory and New Forms of Leadership

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If any of the following situations are concerning you as a leader, then let's talk:

  • Your current approach to planning has recently left your organization open to too many unpleasant surprises from the external environment. For example: you and your people keep setting performance targets that turn out to be based on inaccurate assumptions about the market, competitors, government policy or the capabilities of the business.
  • Competitors see emerging industry trends sooner than you and your people do.
  • You and your people seem to be seeing the world in the same way that your competitors do and you want to gain a sustainable competitive advantage by seeing future opportunities and threats that competitors do not yet see.
  • While your organization is getting good financial results, you have a nagging feeling that it is not helping to create the kind of world that you want your children and grandchildren to inherit.
  • You or your people feel distressed by the size of the gap between how you aspire to be at work and how you feel you must be in order to meet the short term performance requirements of your job.
  • You know that your organization is not maximising the value of its intangible assets and social capital (e.g. the creativity, knowledge and talent of its people; and their relationships with each other and with other stakeholders).
  • You know that you and your organisation must change in order to meet tomorrow's challenges and to develop the agility necessary to adapt to future surprises but you do not seem able to throw off the habits of the past while you continue to manage the performance requirements of the present.

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Peter Saul has over 30 years consulting experience in both the public and private sectors in Australia and overseas (including major assignments in Indonesia and Malaysia). He has implemented major consulting assignments in a variety of industries including: education; government; mining; energy; airlines; computing; oil refining; water; chemicals; manufacturing; finance, insurance and banking; pharmaceuticals; health care; medical and scientific research.

He has conducted research for the Karpin Taskforce on Leadership and Management in Australia; the Business Council of Australia; and the Australian Institute of Management.

Peter publishes regularly in professional magazines and journals (see Articles/Papers page for examples) and is a regular speaker at professional conferences and seminars and has been a guest lecturer at all of Sydney's major universities. Peter has been interviewed for his views on organisations, management and change by Maxine McKew and Angela Catterns. He was a co-author with Professor Roger Collins of the Management Competencies Development Program (a computer based personal development program published by McGraw Hill).

Peter has been a member of the Strategic Planning and Management sub-committee of the Board of St. Vincents Hospital. He was a founding Director of the Future of Work Foundation and was for many years a member of the Professional Advisory Board of The Futures Foundation. He is a futurist on the Management Committee of the Future Problem Solving Program in Australian schools.

Early in his career, Peter worked for IBM, the Coombs Royal Commission on Australian Government Administration, the Commonwealth Public Service Board, the Department of Defence, Chandler & Macleod Consultants, and Hay Consultants.

Peter has a Ph.D in Organisational Behaviour from the University of New South Wales.

In November 1997, he was awarded the Australian Human Resources Institute's inaugural Pontifex Award for his significant contribution to human resource management in Australia.

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